Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Love Shack Project

We're starting a new public art project here at Old Cat Died. You remember the Love Shacks? Of course you do. You loved them.

Well, it's time to share the love. We're going to be putting a Love Shack in surprise spots all over Athens - birthplace of that famous band with the funny hair - for the next - month? Two months? However long they last. And we'll let you know on the blog and Facebook where you might find one of your very own.

Today's Love Shack is tucked into a special mailbox somewhere in Normaltown. It doesn't look like a real mailbox, but surprise, it is!

If you know where it is, feel free to go find it. Or leave it and create new Old Cat Died fans. Old Cat Died is for everybody - and we have lots of love to go around.


Susan said...

What a great idea!

mldondero said...

My niece was so excited to find this little house! i recognized your work and website because Cary was in a class of mine (I am Maria Dondero- a potter in Athens as well), so I was able to tell my sister and family who made it. nice job- Isabella was thrilled to find the little treasure.

Gabe Sealey-Morris said...

Hey Maria! We're so glad to hear someone is happy to have found it. We kind of wondered if a kid would find it first, hoping a policemen wouldn't call us.