Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Kinds of Craft Markets

The Lyndon House Gypsy Market was a great success - we highly recommend other Athens artists and crafters to give it a try next year and support this wonderful area resource.

It was quite a day for us. We made a lot of sales, almost a third of what we brought with us, and more importantly, we made more contacts with local crafters. We also met Peter Loose, a local artist we love (I desperately want one of his handmade dulcimers, one shaped like a rooster to be specific. It used to hang in the Flat Penny, when that awesome little gallery was still there, and I would go in perdiodically to drool over it and touch it longingly).

(Note, this is not the dulcimer, just a Loose painting of a rooster. I'm terribly disappointed that he doesn't have it on his website.)

At the very least, it would have been nice to get his signature on some Bongo books.

We also met a sweet lady named Mary who makes Teabirds - little teacup and saucer constructions that sit on copper sticks in your garden or yard. She buys teacups and saucers from antique stores, estate sales, thrift stores, etc and combines them. People loved them - everybody who saw them smiled. Nice lady, no internet presence.

Seeing all the other crafters at the market, about who has email lists, who has websites, who has etsy stores and blogs, makes me think about how the craft fair, art market, and gallery relates to the new electronic world. Maybe later I'll have a chance to post some thoughts and ask for feedback. For now, thanks to everybody who came out to the Lyndon House Saturday.

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