Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some More New Decal Pots

Here's some more of our new decals pieces. This first one is just a whimsical drawing of Hector from my sketchbook, an awareness that Hector looks kind of like the blow-up punching clowns of our childhood. It seemed like an appropriate juxtaposition at the time.

These three images introduce a story about Hector and Frank's weekly poker games with Cosmo the Dwarf and Hannibal the Giant (who is really only 6' 5", but has stage presence).

We never hide our errors - in any craft or art you're always learning, and contemplating problems is crucial to that process - and here's the biggest disappointment from this kiln-load. It was Carrie's favorite cup, and it was unfortunately placed a little too close to another glazed piece - not touching, but close enough for the glaze to reach out and make a connection. So, Frank and his stogie has a nice big chip in it.

There's another load coming out of 04, so when we get those we'll share. See you then!

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