Monday, August 3, 2009

First Round of Decals is Out!

So, after failed (but instructive) experiments, a couple of harrowing days worrying about a faulty firing, and some disappointment at lost pieces, our first round of decals is out of the third firing. These were fired at cone 1; a second group is being fired at 04 as we write and should be out tonight. We'll see which firing looks best.

Here are some shots of Carrie applying the decals to the high-fire pots.

And here are some of the first official Sparkling Bros. Carnival vessels! Each one has a backstory and characters to get to know. Hope you enjoy them!

This teabowl takes us back to Hector's childhood in a sleazy Mexican-themed amusement park, where he was unknowingly a performer. It's where his love of the show life began.

On this bowl, Hector sits outside Purple Myrtle's trailer as she sings opera to herself in her off hours, oblivious to his devotion.

Another teabowl, this one featuring the Sparkling Bros. resident love object, Purple Myrtle, the fat bearded lady. She's a fine figure of a woman, and possessed of the most impressive whiskers this side of Karl Marx.

A tiny teabowl showing Myrtle's tent, where the barker attracts marks to the best value in the carnival - only 5 cents to see the greatest fat bearded lady alive!

One last little teabowl for today - Hector wandering sadly away from Myrtle's tent, lost in unrequited love.

More pictures tomorrow!

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