Thursday, August 6, 2009

Decal Pots Aplenty!

So the 04 decal firing came out very well, maybe better than the cone 1. Nice crisp images, and for this firing, a mixture of Sparkling Bros. cartoons and carnival images from Asbury Park and Coney Island (special places in Carrie's childhood mythology). Today we'll feature the Asbury and Coney Island pots.

This gigantic (16 oz) mug features a 19th century ad for Coney Island on one side...

And a photograph of the legendary Cyclone on the flipside.

This mug proudly pictures the Parachute Jump from Coney Island, which Carrie's Brooklynite mother Helen was always afraid to ride.

An 8 oz cup with another cool image from Coney Island's past, the Elephantine Colossus.

A large bowl decorated with Asbury Park images. On the inside, a map of the town...

on one side, a portrait of Ernest Schnitzler, the business visionary who founded Palace Amusements...

and on the other side, a schematic of Schnitzler's gigantic indoor ferris wheel.

Finally, a small mug with a portrait of George Ferris, inventor of the Ferris wheel...

and, of course, Ferris' ferris wheel.

And lots of these pieces have tiny Tillies beaming out from obscure corners. Tillie, in case you didn't know, is the mascot of both Coney Island and Asbury Park, and the original Asbury Park Tillie, which decorated a wall of Palace Amusements, is currently being restored.

That's it for the New York/New Jersey themed pieces. Next time we'll return to the imaginary world of the Sparkling Bros. Carnival for some works featuring the soon-to-be-beloved carnies.

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