Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Saints' Bowl 2

Quite a while back we introduced some pictures of the All Saints' Bowl, a big bowl/sculpture that Carrie was working on in a sculpture class. It was still green at that point, and now we've come to the next stage.

Rather than slipping the inside, as we would normally do, we decided to experiment with a majolica base for a white interior. We've tried it on smaller cups and mugs to get a smooth, glassy white inside, but we haven't done it on anything this big (of course, we haven't made anything this big).

Gabe has drawn cartoon saints in the clamshell windows with underglaze applied lightly for a translucent, stained-glass effect.

There are five female saints, in the nude, all chosen because of their special iconographic attributes. When the bowl is finished and fired, we will talk about the saints we've chosen and why.

The other windows will be colored with water glazes as stained-glass windows.

Come back soon to see the finished product, fired at cone 1!

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