Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sparkling Bros. Carnival

After much delay, we will soon begin featuring The Sparkling Bros. Carnival on pottery! Since we don't want our fans to feel behind, I thought I'd take a moment and introduce some of the characters.

Hector is the stone-faced hero of the strip. A life-long show person, Hector grew up performing in a rinky-dink theme park and found his niche as a capable and unflappable carny. Whether feeding the two-headed alligator or fighting a raging hot-dog wagon fire, Hector can't be shaken. His only weakness - his unrequited adoration of Purple Myrtle.

Purple Myrtle, the Sparkling Bros. bearded lady/fat lady/sex goddess extraordinaire, is the object of Hector's shy desire. She sings opera (but only in secret), always comports herself with grace and dignity, and always packs the house.

Frank is Hector's best friend and partner. He's fun-loving, lazy, and probably drunk most of the time, unless he's just a little off in the head. They may be opposites, but Frank and Hector complement each other like Spam and ketchup.

Cassandra, Mistress of Fire, is a juggler and fire breather, and just a few ink-hours away from taking over as Tattooed Lady.

There are many more characters to meet, but it will have to wait until we see some pieces. Hope you're all as excited as we are!

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