Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Suspense

So, if you didn't know, Carrie works as an assistant at a community studio, and we use the studio's kilns for our work. Well, while she was over there glazing last night, she heard some distressing news - the gas firing we have been waiting for seems to have gone "boink."

I don't quite understand what went wrong - Carrie really should be writing the blog today - but it involves some bricks in the wrong place and a resulting temperature mishap. To make it short, everything at the top of the kiln is underfired, everything in the bottom is overfired, and we won't know how badly until it's opened tonight. The studio owner isn't optimistic.

Neither are we. After all, we have most of three weeks' worth of work in that kiln. These are the pieces that we were going to use for our first (ideally) successful series of decals (you've seen the misfire with the last test round) and if things are as bad as the owner thinks, it will be even longer before we manage to get a decent collection of Sparkling Bros. pots.

Keep your fingers crossed for some salvageable pieces!

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