Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Decal Experiments

So, we've done our first batch of decal experiments, but we didn't exactly get the results we were expecting. The problem is not the decals themselves at all - they came out quite crisp and clear. The problem was with the cups themselves.

We high-fired (in gas reduction) slipped redware, expecting a mottled, sepia look something like old daguerreotypes. But it seems a bad batch of slip made for a much different look.

The problem can be seen most in this one. The iron from the clay body leached through the slip and created these hideous rusty blotches. The Purple Myrtle cup is so bad the iron obscures the image.

The Hector cup came out the best, in my opinion, but Carrie doesn't like the color - she thinks it "looks like someone threw up all over Hector." But the decal is clean and the iron in the clay body didn't leach through so badly.

Notice the leaching here on the Sparkling Bros. logo.

And here, to a lesser extent, in Carlo's Dream.

This little cup with the OCD logo looks pretty good, being of the "so-simple-you-can't-screw-it-up" variety.

At any rate, we know what went wrong with these, and the whole process has been a learning experience. If we've learned the right lessons hopefully the next attempt will be more successful.

Feel free to share some of your own failure stories - learning from others' mistakes is the best way to learn.

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Instructor said...

Hey guys,

Carter here (ignore that "instructor" tag for the poster. I can't seem to ditch it when making comments on others' blogs)

just added old cat died to my google reader! Thanks for giving those cups of mine such a good home by the way.

I didn't get to see the finished decal pots when they came out, but from the images on the blog I actually kind of like the combination of crisp decal and complex slip/shino surface. The iron spots don't bother me. Of course I tend to be a fan of the unplanned and unpremeditated, so those little surprises only add to the mystery in my opinion. Can't wait to see them in person!

Keep up the good work!