Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gallery Outing

I'm told its my turn to write. Gabe's been doing a fine job don't you think? Though he says I need to add some Carrie flavor to the blog. OK, he didn't use that phrase -- I don't think I've ever heard him utter the word "flavor," but you get the idea. Well, this will mostly be pictures as I am not much of a writer.

So we checked out the Good Dirt gallery yesterday. OK, so I work there -- not exactly a real deal field trip, but I am usually sweating it out in the back loading kilns and glazing kid pots, not admiring our fine digs from local/regional potters and artisans. This prompted the following: I thought I would show some work (clay and otherwise) that I admire and I would say currently influence OCD. One artist is represented at Good Dirt Gallery, but good ol' Google Images lent me a hand with the rest.

Ted Saupe

Amy Sanders

Ben Katchor


Danny Gregory

Obviously there are some common themes here -- drawings, surface decoration, the human figure. We don't have any fixation on farm equipment here though -- I just couldn't find a decent Danny Gregory example. He has some great books though, and I encourage anybody to pick one up. Gabe and I spent many of our first dates sitting in coffee shops doing drawing exercises from his Creative License book.

Good Dirt displays Ted Saupe and that is where I first saw his work. It was about a year ago and I had just started exploring the world of drawing on clay. Now I can name about a dozen clay artisans that do so- but nothing looks quite like a Saupe for me. Now if only I had 70 bucks for one of his little tea cups!

Amy Sanders is a recent find. It just so happens I married into a quilting-rich family. Gabe is a country boy from NC - everybody in his line quilted-- so we have a chest full of beautiful quilts-- everyday/wedding/first born--you name it! When we moved down to GA I talked Gabe's dad into passing on Aunt Vera's old Singer so I could try my hand at the family craft. Yeah, never got a round to that... I use the sewing table to dry mugs though. As corny as this sounds, I have an obsession from my teenage years with that Winona Ryder movie too -- How to Make An American Quilt. I probably just liked the fact that her Aunt and Grandma both toked up on the porch.

OK, getting off topic here-- what I am trying to say is that I really admire quilts and quilting and when I saw Amy Sanders applying it to clay I got really excited. I also really like that Paragon Kiln ad in EVERY Ceramic Monthly magazine with Earline Green, I think her name is? -- " a Texas Potter fires a 1300 pound quilt with our kilns..." You know who I am talking about if you flip through those magazines. So anyway, my recent sculpture, as Gabe posted about already, is quilted.

The other pictures above are from R. Crumb and Ben Katchor. We love sketching, we don't do it often enough (keep in mind we have Lucia at 6 months and Eva at 20 months) but we are such wannabe moleskin totin', graphic novel writin', beatniks. Yeah, I wanted to be a beatnik, I'm not gonna speak for Gabe (but i think he did too)...

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Ron said...

Hey Carrie, Good to see these influences. I have a Saupe cup that is still revealing itself to me. Thanks for the commment about the cartoons a week or so ago. You are right, I did grow up watching Bugs Bunny and all that Saturday morning stuff so it's natural that it's found some voice in my work. I'm not sure what to make of the suggestions I got at Penland to real it in a bit. I've been stressing over all that since I got home. Decorating pots is hard for me and it just got harder. I love Danny Gregory BTW. He's the reason I'm drawing now in the first place.
Oh well time to mow the lawn, that's always good thinking time for me. I'm hoping to get down to Athens in July. Maria is having an opening at Aurum on the 17th. Maybe I'll see ya there.