Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cartooning on Clay!

Old Cat Died has been experimenting with new techniques and images, looking for new ways to glorify the human body and beautify your world. And we’ve got lots of stuff up on Etsy for you to peruse, admire, buy, and gift.

We’re most excited about a new media: decals. Carrie’s been talking about using decals on pottery for years, and finally Old Cat Died has a new printer and a bunch of decal paper to experiment with new images.

First, inspired by the merchandising juggernaut of Peanuts (one of OCD’s less-visible but strongest influences), we’ve decided to begin our decal project with a pottery series featuring The Sparkling Bros. Carnival, Gabe’s work-in-progress comic. Now you might wonder, why create merchandise for an unfinished comic? Well, in today’s commercial climate, why not? When most trailers are better than the movies they prelude, and marketing campaigns can stand alone as works of pop art, it somehow seems right that Gabe’s wistful, eccentric brainchild greet the world on the unique products of Carrie’s hands.

(Okay, admittedly Hector and Purple Myrtle, our main characters, have already popped up as Pebble People and Love Shack denizens. But those were isolated products of Gabe’s obsessive-compulsive drawing. We’re talking about a full-scale project here.)

It’s a fusion of good old-fashioned storytelling, alternative comics, iconography and artcraft, and we think you’ll get immersed in the world of Hector, Purple Myrtle, Renaldo the Soothsayer, and all the rest of the Sparkling Bros. Carnies.

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