Thursday, March 5, 2009


Old Cat Died is blogging! Just like you, your significant other, your mother, your aunt and all your cousins, that friend of your dad’s who always says something racist at summer barbeques, and that creepy guy downstairs with the combover who looks like he’s 50 years old but orders pizza almost every night and is always muttering to himself!

And Old Cat Died! We’re here to tell you all sorts of things about our life. For instance, we just went two nights without power because of a freak Athens GA snowstorm and spent a night desperately filling the fireplace with wood to keep our two small children warm. Or this: we both need haircuts very badly, but can’t find time to go. Gabe’s bald spot is showing, though. Time to do something about that.

Or this: Old Cat Died is going to be featured in the Athens Banner-Herald on Sunday, March 8, 2009. We’re very excited to be exploiting the local news media for our own attention-seeking and commercial benefit, and the Banner-Herald couldn’t have been nicer. We had a couple of enjoyable conversations on the phone with reporter Merritt, who was considerate enough not to come over and spread the disease she picked up from an elementary school. And Tricia, the photographer, complimented our babies like crazy.

Anyway, we hope a little exposure (that’s a pun – see, we make lots of nude figures) will let people in Athens know that we’re here too, toiling away at our little naked peeps and love shacks, and whatever else we can decorate with tiny breasts and penises. Well, maybe not toiling away. Kind of just doing it when we get a spare minute. A spare minute when we’re not blogging. Or filling out surveys on Facebook. Oh, those Facebook surveys.

Don’t miss our mass-media sellout debut!

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